Are You Diversified... Really?
Simply understanding or "knowing" about finances is not enough. If you don't act and understand diversification--TRUE diversification, the odds are against you;

...big time.

However, with the "Diversification Workbook & Video Series", you can put the odds in your favor and put yourself in a position of strength, knowledge and... like most financially literate people, never worry about your future financial health.

Before you acquire these superpowers, however, you need a very deep dive into ALL your financial elements--especially diversification.

It's not enough to only work on savings if your spending is out of whack.

Most people "diversify" their portfolio with 2 or more mutual funds.

However, many of these funds are in the same market sector, or worse, may even own the SAME STOCKS! This is anything but diversification.

There's more...

You've made the right decision to get my book, Beyond Money: Timeless Wisdom for Financial Wellness. As a valued client, I'd like to go one step further and give you the SAME blueprint and workbook I use with my high-end clients.

In this program, we'll go deep into the difference between stocks and bonds. You'll get more than a blueprint, you'll receive a complete understanding of your situation. The information you garner will be more than just knowledge;

It will give you financial wisdom.
What You Will Receive
  • Workbook: 15-page guide to walk you through and truly understand money.
  •  4-Videos: Brad & Cris explain, in simple terms, easy steps to diversification.
  •  MP3 Download: No time to watch? Listen to the audio for each episode.
  •  Support: Live email support to answer your questions!
***BONUS: $250 Financial Blueprint***
If you act now, we'll also give you access to "The Financial Wellness Blueprint"

This will give you a summary of your total financial position; creating a roadmap for your best financial health strategy. It is a customized guide prepared just for you, including:
  • A detailed audit of your spending, savings, and insurance
  •  A customized blueprint for all your savings options 
  •  Tax ramifications on every move you make... before you make them
  •  Our unique "money tree" system that taps undiscovered cash
  •  21 "Money hacks" for discounted mortgages, special offers, and discounts 
  •  "$50,000 Off Your Mortgage" system
  •   How to get a vacation of your dreams... for nearly free!
Retail Price is $197 for the workbook, blueprint and 4-part video series.
Because you ordered "Beyond Money"
 You get the entire system above for ONLY $97!
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