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Everyone deserves financial freedom. But sadly, only the top 5% ever achieve it. "Financial Wellness" breaks this barrier by designing a financial plan for anyone! It does not matter if how much you earn or even if you are a student, financial wellness is available to you!
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  • Founder and President of Fortune Financial Group
  • Brad Rosley is a Certified Financial Planner
Earning money is not the end of your financial journey. It's just the beginning...
Earning money is just winning half the battle. Knowing how to keep it and use it is just as important as earning it.

Many people have reached the "success" of acquiring big fortunes but failed in maintaining it. You must know that your personal finance is almost no different from corporate finance. 

Earning money is different mastery than financial planning. If you don't know how to use your earnings and create wise habits of saving, investing and lifestyle, all the money in the world won't make for truly rich life.

Remember, being rich is not measured how big your bank account is. Rather it can be measured by how fulfilling your life is.
Financial Wellness for your employees may be more important than you think...
The financial health of a company is more than the bottom line numbers. In today's corporate enviroment, the financial health and well-being of your employees can make or break your corporate culture.

Consider the affects on your CORPORATE bottom line if more of your employees could reduce or eliminate their financial stress?

Drop me a line about getting a bulk access to "Beyond Money" for your employees. 

When you improve their bottom line, you'll see an improvement on yours, too.
Brad Rosley
Brad Rosley has been providing financial solutions to client’s since 1986. He is the founder and President of FFG which opened in Glen Ellyn in 1996.

Brad graduated from the University of Iowa in 1986. Achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. I've been a Certified Financial Planner since 1990 and helping individuals with their financial decisions for over 25 years.

Brad has been quoted and written articles in several publications. Including Kiplinger's, Chicago Magazine and Business Week. “Brad Rosley on Educated Investing” was published in 2001. He has been blogging at since 2011. He is a long-standing member of the Financial Planning Association of Illinois (FPA®), and holding several offices over the years. In 2009, having the honor of serving as President and Chairman of the Board in 2010 of the 1,100 member Illinois Chapter of the FPA®.
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A must everyone!
Review By Douglas
Just when you thought financial planning couldn't get more boring. "Financial Wellness" not only breathed fresh air into a dry subject, but the tangible benefits to my balance sheet increased over $37,000 in less than 6 months!
Our New Employee Handbook!
Review By Daniel N.
For any business person, it is important to understand the way our employees handle their finances. I've done my best to give my employees a fair wage an opportunity to retire comfortably.

"Financial Wellness" is our go-to book in HR and employee benefits.
Solid practical advice that would be especially helpful for young couples just starting out so they get off on the right foot and so that they are in agreement about how to spend and save their money. I like that it contains up to date info. And how the author talked about financial wellness and how money is a tool...not a purpose. That money is a precious commodity but time is irreplaceable.
Denise Southard
I never thought I would make it through a financial planning book, but Beyond Money is a very unique look at how to create a financial plan. I loved that it was not all about creating wealth for material gain. "Money is the tool" to create peace and security in your life. Great book that can speak to all that want to make a plan for financial security.
Jo Ellen Haniford
Much of my reading is in the area of personal finance and business. I'm usually disappointed by unrealistic, overly complex, or just plain boredom. Not with Beyond Money. A dry subject is carried by a delightful story interwoven with the pillars of financial peace of mind. This is an orderly plan presented for the disorderly lives we lead. I really like the auto-pilot feature, while these can be major decisions, once the decision is made, automating transactions forces us to adjust appropriately for wise financial commitments.Well done.
John Zulaski
Beyond Money has been well appreciated by its readers...
What People Are Saying About "Financial Wellness" On...
  • Easy Shopping Tips - helps you avoid the trap of shopping and learn to be in control the next time you do. Page 16
  • Discover why Money and Marriage are two inseperable things. Page 19
  • Minimize investment volatility via prudent investment allocation strategies - sleep better at night. Page 22.
  • Cash flow strategies - how to save, invest and control spending. Page 30.
  • Useful saving tips that you haven't heard before. - Page 35
  • Top myths and some terrible truths about the insurance industry. Page 44.
  • Different types of insurances that you should know. - Page 47
  • Keep more of what you make from investments - Investment Tax Strategies. Page 49.
  • Impactful insurance strategies that can save you money. Page 52.
  • Maximize your financial legacy. Page 72.
  • Active Vs. Passive Investing - Learn the difference between the two and know what's right for you. Page 82.
  • The Problem With Mutual Funds. - Page 98
  • Secure your future by successfully planning your retirement. - Page 109
  • List of expenses to consider for your retirement plan. - Page 112
  • 3 crucial mistakes to avoid when planning your retirement. - Page 116
  • The importance of your Will. - Page 131
  • Steps to your Financial Wellness. - Page 143
You know this book will help you.  CLICK NOW and I guarantee you will start to feel better, knowing you are taking action to improve your finances and benefit YOUR FUTURE.
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